# Version 3.2

  • Fixed Server Entries Config not updating when changes are made (Issue #46)
  • Fixed Translated config files not loading before restarting the game (Issue #47)
  • Fixed Server Side config not properly sending to the client
  • Fixed modded dimensions not being supported properly by dimension overrides (Issue #42)
  • You can now use Multiple images for image keys that will be selected at random (Issue #44)
  • You can now add your own Configuration variables that can be used just like built-in variables
  • Added support for ReplayMod (1.16.5+ Fabric Only)
  • ALL CONFIG FILES ARE NOW LOCATED INSIDE config/simple-rpc. This change was made based on community feedback. All configs now live in the config folder instead of on their own. As always, this action is done automatically and no action is needed on your side. Just remember to export the correct folder
  • Made internal changes to how configs are handled. Config loading/migrations should now be a lot smoother.